Why Garrett

The Garrett Company has been incorporated for over 50 years. We have always stood for the highest level of quality and are very proud of our reputation of having the highest ethical standards. We have always believed that the service we provide to our customers must meet all of their needs. As a result we have done projects as small as fixing doorknobs to the completion of large custom homes.

Another unique quality of the Garrett Company is that we are both a commercial and residential contractor. Working on both residential and commercial has allowed us to gain knowledge of new products and techniques that work well in both specialities

The Garrett Company has always had a hands on management approach to the work and projects we undertake. For 4 generations of the James L. Garrett Company, the president has always been front and center to make sure that things are done correctly and efficiently. We have in our management team, people who bring expertise in construction and also can and are pleased to go the extra mile to make the customer’s project an enjoyable experience.

Richard J. Garrett Jr. President:
Rick has been an active member of the James L. Garrett Company since his graduation from the University of Denver with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. Rick has been involved in the family business since his grandfathers time. He has supervised projects large and small, commercial and residential. He manages both the business aspects of the firm along with hands on management of current projects. He is very aware of costs and completion dates both as the president of the Garrett Company and as a businessman. He has a reputation for being fair, honest and well respected.

Lorie E. W. Boehlert Project Manager:
Lorie has been with the James L. Garrett Company since 1995. She brings to the Garrett Company her education in Architectural Technology as well as experience in the field from designing casework and custom cabinetry at Axelrod Products. She also brings knowledge of window, doors and interior trim from her years at Morse Sash and Door Company. Lorie has had great success working with our customers to accomplish the finish project.

Dan Rease, Master Carpenter.
Dan Rease has been with the James L. Garrett Company since 1994. He has the talent to build some of the most detailed and custom cabinetry that is rarely seen in this era. He’s ability to work out the fine details and produce beautifully trimmed rooms and cabinetry that might be thought of as a thing of the past but Dan has made it a thing of the present